Monday, January 9, 2012

Kidzplay and Adults Relax

We've discovered a new indoor playground, which is rather a necessity during a Yorkshire winter. The weather is generally cloudy if not rainy and cold if not chilly. An indoor play area is just the thing to amuse and delight anyone whose age is reckoned in single digits.

Back in Maryland we went to places like Jump!Zone and Pump It Up for indoor excitement on inflatable climbers. We also often frequented Chick-fil-A for a snack and a little bit of climbing around. The place we found here is like a Chick-fil-A playground on steroids. It's called Kidzplay.

We went during a mid-term break from school, which meant the place rapidly filled up with customers. Jacob and Lucy loved to climb around though Jacob wanted me to explore with them. Maybe he was nervous his first time or maybe he just wanted me to join in the excitement. Here's a sampling of the good fun available at Kidzplay:

Lucy crosses a net tunnel on her own!

A tight fit for Jacob.

Let us out, we promise we'll be good!

Lucy ready to get me

Jacob beckons me to follow him down the slide

They always have a ball in the ball pit

Escape is an option, especially when Lucy gets scary laser eyes

There's also a racetrack with little ride-on cars and an "under 2" area for wee ones.

Kidzplay is also like Chick-fil-A in that food is available for purchase. They have a large area of tables for children and parents to sit at. The intent is for parents to sit and enjoy a cuppa while the kids go hog wild in the play area. Hopefully next time I go, Jacob and Lucy will play more independently and I can relax a bit and maybe catch up on some reading or figure out my new Android smart phone. We'll have to go back soon!


  1. Let us know some weekend and we'll get Tyler out there with Jacob and Lucy. Maybe he can lure them around. is a nice (smaller) one over in Knaresborough.

  2. That sounds like fun. This Saturday isn't good for us, but maybe the week after! We still haven't check out winkies yet. That's next on our list.