Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a fairly low-key Easter this year. We visited my sister, who was awesome enough to have an Easter egg hunt in her yard for J and L. The eggs were hidden the night before. We didn't worry about wild life taking the eggs because they are plastic!

Getting ready to hunt

Racing for an obvious find

L looks in the wrong place

Easter Mass was good--plenty of music but not too long to wear out the children. The church also had an Easter egg hunt afterwards but J asked not to do it. He was ready to go on to other adventures.

We visited my mom and other sisters for brunch at mom's house and then headed back home. N got to use his special bib which we forgot to pack for the trip.

A most excited bib wearer

A most confused shirt wearer

N spit up on his clothes at my mom's house, so we had to use the backup outfit in the diaper bag. Too bad the back up outfit was appropriate months ago and not for Easter!

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