Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cute Kid Pix April 2017

More photos too cute not to share but without enough story to make their own post...

Son #1 finished out his requirements for his Bear patch in Cub Scouts. The ceremony involved me giving him the badge, so I just have pictures of him getting his other awards.

In line to get more belt loops and the Bear patch

Too proud to stay still

 We made it to some other library story times with crafts in April. The first day's craft had us decorating a hippopotamus with stars and hearts. The theme was random but fun.

Gluing stars in place

Showing off his latest creation

 The next week had bunnies as the theme, including another gluing/decorating project. My son has not quite mastered the art of the crayon but he did his best.

Gluing the bunnies onto the blue background

Picking a crayon

Ineffective scribbling

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