Friday, July 7, 2017

Alexander W. Kemp Playground, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Alexander W. Kemp Playground is located on the Cambridge Common (much like the Boston Common, but across the Charles River) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Alexander W. Kemp Playground

The playground takes advantage of the natural environment to encourage play. A small mound in the middle is ascendable by many methods--scrabbling, climbing logs, climbing rocks, and a cargo net. My children ran to the net and worked their way up. The toddler needed help going up. The slide on the other side of the mound was perfect for going down.

Toddler and sister climb

Toddler and sister on the slide

Only one made it to the bottom?!?

We came early in the day so the slide was not too hot in spite of the powerful sunshine hitting it.

The park has plenty of sand for creative building and digging. The sand also creates a bit of slipperiness which is more of a hazard for the unwary parent than the unaware child.

Another side of the park

My toddler loved this tunnel.

Coming through!

Close up

Nearby is a merry-go-round that is child-powered (and occasionally parent-powered). The older kids enjoyed it, especially when I was the engine.

Teaming up for the merry-go-round

A happy customer

 They also teamed up for the see-saw, an item that isn't found all that often in my experience.


Once the toddler spotted the swing, he spent the rest of his time there.

Getting some air

The playground also has some water features which we avoided since lunch was the next thing on the itinerary. My kids were sad to go.

Goodbye, playground!

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