Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Cute Kid Pix May 2019

More photos that didn't make their own blog post...

While the eldest was out camping, my two younger children went to the Maryland Science Center and had a ball doing some experiments, watching an Imax movie, and playing in the water.

Young scientists extracting DNA

Wonderful water play area

The library had a story time called, "Who is Steve Jenkins?" Well, he's no relation to Leroy Jenkins; Steve writes books about animals and their amazing abilities. He uses painted paper cutouts to make the animal images for his books and does a great job. The children colored their own paper and the librarian used a special machine to cut out animal shapes. The children then glued them on a background, making a fun and different craft much like the author's work.

Coloring paper

Water-themed craft

My oldest son had a simulated congressional hearing at school. The students practiced testifying before a panel of judges. They discussed various constitutional issues and historical events from the 1800s.

SCH with my son (second from left)

He's also been camping about once a month with his Scouting BSA troop. I had to drop him off at the campground so I got to see the beginning of the campout. I didn't stay, though I suppose I will get to eventually.

Camping with the Scouts

I guess it's been a slow month for smaller activities. Maybe we'll be busier next month with school ending...

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