Thursday, August 18, 2011

First UK Playdate

We had our first UK playdate at an American mommy and me play group this week. We had difficulty finding the location last week but we succeeded this week.

I don't know if it was because the weather was so nice, or people were on vacation, or they heard we were coming, but only one other parent and her child were there when we arrived about 10:20 (it started at 10:00). No one else showed up, so I'm glad the lady wasn't left alone with her girl. She said last week a lot of people showed up.

Jacob and Lucy warmed up after a little while of just looking at the toys. Jacob's favorite was a little table that had buttons and knobs for playing music. Lucy enjoyed the simple doll house with fun little furniture and people. She and the other girl played with a bunk bed. A little bit of conflict arose but we parents were able to settle them down again.

It was nice for me to chat with another parent for a while. She's been here a year and is heading back in a few months. She really loves living here and had some recommendations. She also showed me a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in German. I recognized some of the words but not enough to read out loud. I suppose I should try to learn some basics of European languages for when we go to visit them.

Jacob must have been feeling comfortable because he asked to go to the potty. Lucy must have been more comfortable because she let us leave her while we went upstairs in search of the toilet. Everything went well on all fronts. We left about 11:30 to get home for lunch. We look forward to coming to the next playdate and to finding our first British (or mostly British) playgroup.

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