Sunday, August 21, 2011

Full House Future

We'll have a full house tomorrow. Our household goods are finally through customs and will be delivered tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy are pretty excited. The kids just care about getting their toys back. After weeks and weeks and weeks of the same two pairs of pants and six shirts, it will be nice to have the rest of my wardrobe. The children could care less about clothes. They have had a greater variety because their clothes are smaller and we could pack more of them.

Planning what should go where has been a challenge but we think we've worked out a decent layout. Just recently, I've read and heard about interior decorating in some of my favorite new media resources. The Art of Manliness blog has a posting on how to decorate a Man Room. I had such a room in Maryland and we do have a study/Man Room/spare bedroom in this house. I left behind some of the better decorations, i.e. my collection of weapons. Now in storage is a small crossbow from Assisi, a patu/wahaika from New Zealand, nunchucks from San Francisco's Chinatown, and many others. We figured weapons probably were problematic to bring into a foreign country. Being prepared for the zombie apocalypse is not an acceptable excuse according to customs. The extra bookshelves are coming and some spare desks, along with the computer equipment and paraphernalia. Soon I will podcast again!

The other decorating tips were from The Dice Tower, a podcast about board games and card games, but especially the people who play them. Episode 218 was about what makes the perfect gaming room. We don't have a dedicated gaming room, but it is fun to imagine. They had a lot of recommendations about support equipment, like having spare tables for drinks and snacks and having supplies to fix and/or supplement game contents (extra dice, tokens, etc.). I'm inspired to adapt such advice if I can. Also, they recommended a spare refrigerator to spare the family fridge from raids by visiting gamers. It's a great idea if we had a spare room or start a gaming group. We can dream, can't we?

At any rate, we should have a very busy and very satisfying day tomorrow. Wish us luck and swift unpacking!!

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