Friday, August 12, 2011

Library Summer Reading

Jacob, Lucy, and I attended the library's party for the end of the summer reading program. The party started with a story time at 11:00, followed by a party with food, music, and prizes.

We were the first to arrive at about 10:55. We saw the librarians were all dressed up at princesses, fairies, and a knight (the theme for the reading program was "A Midsummer Knight's Read"). Lucy was impressed, maybe a little jealous. Jacob enjoyed seeing them but wasn't too overwhelmed. The princess librarian led us to the room. She offered to hold Lucy's hand but she was too shy. Jacob was okay hold hands with her. He's full of surprises lately

We went to the computer/resource room for the stories. It was decorated with balloons on strings, the rug from the children's room, pictures and posters of all thing medieval, a table of food, and a music stand in the corner. The princess librarian led us to the rug and asked Jacob and Lucy to sit down. She fetched We're Going on a Bear Hunt to read to us. As she started two other kids came in and sat down. A slow trickle came in till the second book, when the rug was full of children.

Jacob was separated from me, so he started to inch his way through the crowd to sit by me. I appreciated the gesture because he specifically told me he wanted to sit next to me. I think he was a little nervous about all the other kids.

Jacob scoots past a fun dragon book and the cool princess librarian

After the stories were done, we waited around for a bit. The knight came in and announced that they needed all the reading logs turned in. I gave ours to Lucy to hand in to the princess. They'd draw for prizes after the food and games. The knight had a helmet and sword. Jacob didn't really trust him and was nervous any time the knight came into the room. Jacob wasn't panicking but he was a little on edge.

They started the food and the music. The music was great because it was provided by a violinist. She did a great job and Jacob and Lucy loved to hear it.

Music appreciation too!

We had some snacks. One of the balloons popped, which caught Jacob off guard. He asked how it popped. I tried to explain it got caught in the fake branches in the ceiling and we'd keep our balloons low enough so nothing would pop. Jacob was nervous about the other kids' balloons.

After about five minutes, Jacob told me he was ready to go. Debating it a little with him, I decided not to force him to stay. Lucy and I finished up our food, we got our stuff together and made one last visit to the potty before heading out.

Once we were outside and headed to the car, Lucy stopped and said, "I want books! We no books!" Her complaint was quite valid, we did visit the library and did not take any books out. Even Jacob saw the logic in it. So we went back in to the children's room and picked out some books. We checked them out with the sole librarian at the front desk. She was sad to see us go. I was a little bummed too, especially since we missed out on the games and prizes. And the cake!!!

It was a very fun reading program. I'm glad we participated. Jacob has found a love of castle books which has lasted for three or four weeks now. How long will it continue? Will a new fad come? Only time will tell, or perhaps the theme of the next reading program.

The violinist was so awesome we took an extra picture!

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