Saturday, January 10, 2015

Constitution Park, Tequesta, Florida

On New Year's Day we planned to meet some friends at a local playground they recommended, Constitution Park in Tequesta, Florida.

Tequesta Seal

The park's playground is divided into two parts. One is for the under five year-old crowd which we didn't use since only N is under five and he is far too little to play on a playground yet.

View of the under 5s playground

The five-to-twelve year-old playground was a lot of fun for J and L.

L at the bottom of the big, curvy slide

More of the playground

L's favorite part of this playground was the wobbly steppers. She went back and forth several times, occasionally having to queue with other children.

L hangs on for dear life

J to the rescue?

J's favorite was climbing rock walls with going down the slides a close second. They made a happy combination.

J up a rock wall

J down a covered slide

L on another slide

They both enjoyed a classic, the swing sets!

L enjoys it more than J

Unfortunately, the other moms overslept that New Year's morning so we wound up meeting at one of their houses for fun and a spontaneous lunch. Good times!

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