Saturday, January 3, 2015

School Construction

In December, J and L did a lot of construction at school.

L went after-hours to make a gingerbread house. All the kindergarteners were invited. After a long presentation by the teachers on how to build the house, the kids were let loose to construct theirs.

L begins construction

I should note that the "gingerbread" house is made of graham crackers adhered to an empty, small milk carton by white icing. After the Fall Festival, I think our culture has adopted a dangerous trend of substituting graham crackers for gingerbread. In twenty years, will children be asking why they are called "gingerbread" houses when there is no gingerbread involved?!? L had fun decorating regardless.

Hard at work

Happy with the results

J's math class has been working on 3D shapes. In order to have a more tactile experience, they built Shapetownville, a large model town with houses, buildings, roads, and other bits.

One view of the town

Ava's hospital and Megan's church

J built Columbia Mall with a friend. Everyone built their own home, using an empty, small milk carton.

Columbia Mall

J's house (the brown roof)

J was very proud of his work.

A happy builder

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