Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast, Florida--Part II

After visiting the pirate ship, we were ready to see the rest of the Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast. Our first stop was the medical area, featuring a play-dentist chair.

Cousins get ready to work on their dad

Ready to brush?

L helps J out

Right next door the cousins played Operation with the biggest operating table I'd ever seen.

Operation station

L has a very steady hand

A unique display shows how the human skeleton works.

The cycling skeleton

Here's some raw footage of the skeleton in action...

Humans weren't the only ones in need of medical attention. A vet shop was open for business, looking for customers and employees.

Vets in action

After a hard day's doctoring, L went shopping while J went to the firehouse. L realized the firehouse is more exciting, so she eventually joined him.

L with a full cart of groceries

Classic fire engine

J suited up

L drives

Our final stop was the creative building area. Block of all sizes are available to make small and large structures. J made a fortress with a central keep.

J begins work

Side project by a cousin

"J's amazing fortress" says the sign

L worked with her cousins to build a house out of large, interlocking wooden slats. They even made a roof and a floor so the house would be more comfortable!

Building crew

L inside

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