Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dicemasters: Ant-Man OP December 2015

My son has retired from the Dicemasters circuit since his triumphant finale with the DC Trinity War storyline. So the next superhero event at our friendly local gaming store was a solo outing for me. This event was the Ant-Man Organized Play. We had a rainbow draft of the new Amazing Spider-Man set and built a team of eight based on the cards and dice that we selected. My team was all friends of Spider-Man, but the Wall Crawler himself was not in the group.

My team

I'm not up on all the recent Marvel history, so characters like Scarlet Spider, Spider-Girl, and Agent Venom (isn't Venom a bad guy?) are new to me. They have some great abilities that made them worth putting on the team. Scarlet Spider is a solid fighter at a low cost; Spider-Girl has a special ability where if the opponent has more dice on the field, when she's fielded she does three damage to one character. That ability came in handy several times. Firestar has a similar ability, but only does special damage to villain characters, so she was handy against villain teams. The most potent card I had was the super-rare Black Cat. She would force an opponent to re-roll all fielded dice if she was fielded when the opponent has more dice. I only got to use the ability once but it was a golden moment, clearing away opponents so I could deliver lethal damage.

We had five people playing, which meant that every round one player had to sit out (which counts as a win but is nowhere near as satisfying). I played in the first round and was able to win with a combo of Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Girls. In the second round, my opponent didn't have any villains so Firestar never came out. The match was close since my opponent kept pinging me with Black Widows (who deal damage even when knocked out). I held out and was able to finish the job. I also played in the third round (so I never got to sit out) and was able to use Black Cat against Rhino and a side kick. Rhino re-rolled from level three to level one which was a big help. I managed to win the final round as well!

With my victory came a special Ultron card (Nanite Virus) only available from organized play and the participation card, a special art version of Ant-Man Biophysicist.

OP rewards!

It was an exciting day and I look forward to future events in 2016!

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