Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trinity War Finale!

We played in the final Organized Play event for the Trinity War storyline at our local game store. It was an exciting time, not just as the last of the event, but also they had ten people playing and it was the tenth anniversary for the store, so it was a long weekend of celebrating for them.

Playing the in rainbow draft, my son and I had a middling performance. This final DC Comics event used the new War of Light Dicemasters set, which is full of Green Lanterns, Yellow Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Star Sapphires, et al. The set also has a number of Teen Titans, though they make a small minority of the set. The only super-rare card I drew was Teen Titan Starfire, who deals one damage to the opposing player for each other active Teen Titan (on either your team or the other team).  I put her on my team hoping others would field Teen Titans, but nobody did. Also, she is a bolt character, which should have helped my Fatality character who would deal three damage to the opposing player if at least three bolts were rolled, but I only used that ability once in the three games I played, so that was a bit of a bust. At least Starfire is a super-rare. I didn't win any games in this event; my son only one. We both received the participation prize, the action card The Outsider.

On the other hand, for the overall storyline, my son came in first place (the last event, which he won, had triple points so he scored a lot there). I came in second, so we both received the special event card and die Atomica. So we have a spare to trade next time!

Spoils of the day (we actually got two of The Outsider)

We had fun, even though it was a long day. I hope the store hosts more events, hopefully featuring the Marvel sets!

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