Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Planning for the Future

The children are planning for the future, as can be seen by the following stories.

The toddler has been dropping food on the floor for a while. We assumed that was just what toddlers do. Actually, he's been stockpiling supplies for later consumption, as if he was practicing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. We discovered him harvesting the other day.

"Please don't sweep the floor, daddy!"

He took this storage plan to a new and unexpected level at breakfast when he played at putting the lid back on the gallon milk container. He grabbed some Cheerios from the table and put them into the three-quarters full milk jug. We couldn't figure out how to get them out, so we left them there. When he woke up from his morning nap, I poured him a bottle of milk from the gallon container. Amazingly, the floating Cheerios poured right into his bottle. Then I had the problem of how to get them out of his bottle without throwing away the milk. Then it hit me. I kept filling the bottle until the floating cereal was right by the top of the bottle. A quick scoop with a spoon and all was well with the world. Next time (hopefully there won't be one) I will pour the gallon of milk into another, wide-mouthed container until the foreign objects come out. I will then remove the objects and pour the milk back in.

My daughter hit a new milestone by losing her first tooth at age six. She was very excited to get money from the tooth fairy. She is old enough that she asked if I was the tooth fairy. When I demurred, she asked if mommy was the tooth fairy. I said mommy was definitely not since she already had a job.

"Look, cold hard cash!"

She put the tooth in an envelope since it was so small. The next morning she found some money under her pillow. The money has gone into a savings account, which was her own idea! So she'll have money for the future as long as the future is not the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

So either way, my kids have it covered.

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