Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Review: The Walking Dead TP24: Life and Death by Robert Kirkman et al.

The Walking Dead Trade Paperback 24: Life and Death written by Robert Kirkman, penciled by Charlie Adlard, inked by Stefano Gaudiano

Carl Grimes is chasing after his newfound girlfriend Lydia who is the daughter of The Whisperers' leader. The Whisperers are a group of people who survive by flaying zombies and wearing the skins so the zombies won't bother them. They live a primitive life with no names and no buildings. They are classic hunter-gatherers. Lydia's mother claims they are free but hardly anyone outside the group believes it. Carl has promised not to return without Lydia, so readers get to see a bit of the Whisperers' lifestyle.

Rick Grimes is off visiting other places and picking up shipments, so he doesn't know Carl is gone. Rick has some nice character moments and is looking forward to the fair his community is putting on. The fair is a big hit but Rick chases after Carl as soon as he finds out what has happened. Michonne and Andrea tag along. Will they be able to get Carl away safely?

The biggest problem in this issue is the Whisperers. Sure, they look scary in their hollow-eyed skins and they do horrible things. But their set up is completely unbelievable from either a social or survival standpoint. A small side plot involves Neegan nearly escaping from his jail cell and was easily the best part of a disappointing book.

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