Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: Avatar The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow Part One by Gene Luen Yang et al.

Avatar The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow Part One written by Gene Luen Yang, art and covers by Gurihiru, lettering by Michael Heisler

Fire Lord Zuko sails back to the Fire Nation with his long-lost mother. As he's arriving, Ukano, the leader of the New Ozai Society, plots to assassinate Zuko and return Zuko's imprisoned father to the throne. Ukano is motivated by a visit from the Kemurikage, a supposedly mythical band of spirits who promise to inflict great pain on him if he does not depose Zuko. Ukano plans a daring attack on the royal procession. Ukano's daughter Mai is a Kyoshi Warrior (the elite troops of the Fire Nation). She has her own plans--to thwart her father's secret group. With Aang and friends off on other business, can Zuko and his allies survive?

This story is another solid start to an on-going story set in the world of Avatar. The characters are interesting, the political intrigue is fascinating, and the humor still comes through. I can't wait for the next issue in December!

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