Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Larriland Farm, Maryland, 2015

We enjoyed our visit to Larriland Farm last year so much that we went again this year with a smaller contingent. The weather was a bit cold and the toddler is still on an inconvenient nap schedule, so my daughter and I went by ourselves. We met some friends there and had a good time.

Larriland Farms entrance

The great pumpkin!

Our first activity was visiting the Boo Barn, a haunted house that's not too scary for any age.

Boo Barn entrance

Across from the Boo Barn was the concessions stand. I bought some hot apple cider for my daughter and a serving of apple fritters to share. She didn't particularly care for the fritters, which meant more deep-fried goodness for me!

Enjoying some cider

Making the fritters

They were very tasty!

We went on the hay ride again which had some stuff I didn't remember from last year. Either they are new or I have a poor memory!

Ready to ride

The tractor

Piling on hay to stay warm

Kristoff from Frozen

Characters from Mario Kart/World/Franchise

Donkey from Shrek (which I do remember from last year)

Abraham Lincoln

The tire was so big!

We saw the llamas and goats. We fed the llamas, which was fun, and stared at the goats, which was terrifying.

Llamas for feeding

Getting a mouthful

What a cute face!

Goat on the walkways

Stop staring at me!!

What a menacing pose!

We saw a performer but as we walked up, she announced she was taking a break to warm up her hands. So there's no video and I don't know her name. Maybe if we come back next year we'll get to hear her.

Be right back!

We bought a pumpkin and some produce at the farm store so we'd have something to bring home for everyone else to enjoy.

Fully stocked farm store

We had to drive for the apple picking. Fuji apples, which happen to be our favorite type, were ripest and readiest. We filled a bag and headed home with some extra produce.

She is not the bag lady, no matter what the sign says

Walking into the orchard

Getting some good ones

Apples ready for picking and eating

A tough tree

Classic apple

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