Monday, October 27, 2014

Larriland Farms, Maryland--The Farm

In western Howard County Larriland Farms has a lot to offer visitors. We went in the fall at the height of apple-picking and pumpkin-carving season and enjoyed some Halloween treats along with the typical farm attractions.

Welcoming sign

From the parking lot we walked to the big barn that is the big store. Pumpkins were the biggest items on offer, not only for their size but for their numbers.

Larriland Farms

Not a Walmart greeter

L takes a seat

Inside the barn

Outside the barn--pumpkin-mania!

The farm has other classic farm attractions, like the maze and the petting/feeding area.

L enters the HERSELF!

Inside the maze

L makes it out

L feeds the black alpaca

L feeds the white alpaca

J feeds the white alpaca

"J, what about me?"

This goat wanted neither feeding nor petting

 A lot of big boards were scattered around allowing the kids to have some fun photo opportunities.

Growth chart

L drives

J drives

A friend drives

L the blind scarecrow

L worried about sudden weight loss

They had a bunch of Halloween themed things as well. We visited Boo Barn, which is aimed at three- to seven-year olds. Nothing was too scary for any of the kids though I did have to hold hands for our first walk through.

Barn entrance

One spooky exhibit

Some witches were brewing up a potion as well, though they seemed quite slow at their work. L checked their cauldron and said it looked yucky.

Witches at work

Maybe their mojo was messed with by machines nearby

The other big hit of the farm was the hayride but there are so many pictures that it will get its own post next!

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