Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frederick Oktoberfest 2014

At the end of September 2014 we went to an Oktoberfest in Frederick, Maryland. It was held at the fairgrounds and was a fun time for young and old. Especially for those who could drink beer.

Unassuming entrance to the Oktoberfest

We entered by the front of the fairgrounds and immediately ran into a pen with two alpacas in it. The owners have a farm and make alpaca wool products. We were more interested in petting than in purchasing.

Two alpacas

Such a sweet face!

Across the fairway a group a booths were selling souvenirs and strudels. We didn't buy any souvenirs and waited (but not very long) to buy a strudel. It was delicious!

Sales of souvenirs and strudels

The main building was the fest hall where food and beer were served while polka music played. We spent a good bit of time in there, enjoying the band (Mike and the Continentals) and the folk dance company (Bairisch und Steierisch). The company would perform during dance breaks and invited audience members to join in. I was off getting beer or I would have gladly volunteered.

Dancing in the fest hall

L had cider, not my beer!

The beers I did have were the following:
Other than the strudel, we didn't have any German food, which is a bit of a shame but I'm sure we would have spent too much time trying to convince J and L to eat.

Later on, the band had a polka contest. By that point, my sister and niece had arrived so they held baby N while my wife and I danced. We came in second place!

Auntie and N

Such a sweet face!

Happily, there are no pictures of our performance so you, dear readers, can't tell if we just didn't have any competition (except for the winning couple, who won a certificate and some free beers) or struggled our way to the top.

Outside were plenty of booths selling a plethora of wares from home-made clocks to clothes to jewelry to t-shirts to candy.

Photo op at the dirndl and lederhosen booth

Beer themed t-shirts

My favorite (though I did not buy it)

Roasting peanuts

L got a gummy rat at the candy shop which she ate while we danced.

Looks like a gummy snake in this picture

Too much rat makes L look like she drank my beer

Also outside a local wood carver was demonstrating his art while selling his products.

Wood carving with power tools!

Samples for sale

L on a bench

Bear and J

Bear and L

The most popular spot outside for J and L was the kids' zone. J loved the bouncy castle, L the crafts. She decorated a pumpkin and stuffed a scarecrow. The area also included a DJ and dance floor but the DJ was playing more adult music than I thought appropriate. Maybe that's why no kids were dancing.

Approaching the kids zone

The kids tent

L's pumpkin

Making a scarecrow

Happily, we avoided making the scarecrow until we were ready to leave, so we didn't have to carry it around, just back to the car. A fun time was had by all!

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