Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Larriland Farms, Maryland--The Hayride

Larriland Farms, like all good farms, offers a hayride around the farm so visitors can see what they have. The ride starts with a cruise past the lake. It looked so refreshing J wanted to go for a swim. We visited in October, so even though the day was warmer we were sure the water was colder. Lucky for him we said no because we discovered what was living in the lake!

Getting in the hay for the ride

Larriland's lake

Lake with pier

Lake with sea serpent

The next part of the hayride took us through a wooded area which has many recreations of famous people. First up were famous Americans.

Martin Luther King, Jr., looking a little scary

Paul Revere, looking a little like the Headless Horseman

Harriet Tubman, looking for moss on the north side of the tree

Abraham Lincoln, looking ready to bust out some dance moves

Neil Armstrong, looking a little robotic

The next part of the woods was Middle Earth, with some familiar characters in their natural setting.

Rivendell with hobbit

Shelob and Frodo?

The next sign said we were entering the Hundred Acre Wood, which meant seeing Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Winnie the Pooh wearing a Larriland t-shirt!

Tigger and Piglet


Next came a quick trip through Hogwarts and Duloc. We had to think a minute where Duloc was but it came to us quickly.

Harry Potter

Puss 'n Boots

Donkey and Shrek

Goodbye woods!

Meanwhile, J and L were burying themselves in the hay, demanding pictures of their rapidly vanishing selves.

L starts to disappear

J is mostly gone

Not much left of L

Hmm...where did she go?

The rest of the farm is taken up with plants and bushes and trees and other such less interesting but more farm-like stuff.

Civilization in sight!


After the ride, we were tuckered out.

L has seen better days (but at least we found her)

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