Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meadowood Regional Park, Maryland

Just off the northern end of the Baltimore Beltway is Meadowood Regional Park. It was a nice stopping point for us after going to the state fairgrounds for an event. The event wasn't so interesting for the kids, so we made it up to J and L by stopping at a playground. The park provided the perfect distraction and reward.

The parking lot was a little tricky to get to--we missed a turn and drove along the edge of the parkland. A quick u-turn put us back on track. The parking was on the other side of a small creek which we had to cross.

Not J down by the waters of Deep Run

Another interesting bit along the way to the playground is this sample from the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Asher Brown Durand's The Catskills. The oddness of an outdoor painting presented in the outdoors was lost on the children but not on me.

The Catskills by Asher Brown Durand (1859)

Not far behind The Catskills is the playground, the most interesting spot in the park.

Racing to the playground

L was nervous about crossing the bridge, but it wasn't clear to me if the wobbliness or the "someone else's parent" was the cause of fear.

"Are you looking at me?!?"

Safely across

J had no such troubles with the slide.

Going for the slide

Riding the curve

The swing set, a perennial favorite, was put to good use.

L used her shoes to get "dibs" on the other swing for J

We loved hanging out at the Meadowood Regional Park playground!

J hanging out!

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