Tuesday, October 14, 2014

L's Spooky Gingerbread House

To warm up for the upcoming Christmas shopping season, the stores are selling gingerbread houses early. In order to justify their tactic, they've added decorations that make the gingerbread house into a spooky haunted house rather than a snow-dusted winter chalet. We bought one of these kits and L went to town decorating hers.

L lays out her building materials

The house came pre-assembled, which seems like a bit of a cheat. Back in my day, we had to put the houses together with frosting glue, which is why I never decorated a house in my youth that I can remember. Maybe it really is progress...

L enlisted the aid of a minion--Auntie R. She was a happy and dutiful worker, following instructions to the letter and making sure everything turned out alright.

The crew ready to work!

Getting started

I know it's typical for house construction to start from the ground floor up, but since this was a pre-fab, decorating the roof first is perfectly acceptable!

Posing during work

It wasn't long before windows and doors were installed and spooky eyes were staring out of said windows and doors.

Careful with the eyeballs!

The finished product was a joy to behold!

L all done

Reverse angle

Not one to waste anything, L took care of the leftover decorations by storing them in a safe place.

Not exactly a "cool, dry place" but it is dark!

The house itself was a yummy treat over the next couple of days.

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