Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Review: Bone Vol. 4. The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith

Bone Vol. 4. The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith

The Bone saga continues with another get-rich-quick scheme by Phoney Bone. He's made a bet with Lucius, the owner of Barrelhaven's tavern, that he can sell more beer than Lucius. Phoney does this by claiming to be a dragonslayer who will save the town from dragon attacks. His plan works a little too well and he turns into the conniving dictator of Barrelhaven. The only flaw in his plan is that he'll eventually have to kill a dragon, even though they are really friendly protectors and not sworn enemies of the valley people.

A more significant plot line is the journey of Gran'ma Ben, Thorn, and Fone Bone back to Barrelhaven. They are waylaid by rat creatures, forcing Gran'ma to tell Thorn more about her past and her fate, which doesn't go down well with Thorn. Gran'ma is carried off and Thorn faces the decision to accept her fate as a hero and princess or to run away from it all.

Meanwhile the forces of evil are amassing on the outskirts of the valley and ready to go to war with the people of the valley, especially the residents of Barrelhaven. More is revealed about their mysterious leader but not quite everything yet.

The story is developing quite well. More mythology is revealed and characters grow with a lot more depth than you would expect from a comic. The comedy is still strong. I can't wait for the next issue!

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