Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Garden 2015

We've been thinking about having a garden for quite a while (even before our time in England). This year we finally built one, a small four foot by eight foot plot. We bought some railroad ties and rebar and made our box. Thanks for the great help, Grandpa! The box was filled with a mix of topsoil and garden soil. Then we got to planting. Some stuff we had been growing from seeds in smaller pots on the porch. Transferring was a little more work. We had chard, tomatoes, eggplant, basil, and chives.

Getting advice from Granpa

Carefully planting some pre-grown plants

Checking for bugs

Online advice recommends using cardboard tubes (like from toilet paper or kitchen towels) to grow seeds. The tubes can be put straight in the ground and will rot away, leaving the plant plenty of room to grow. Cardboard will be the plan for next year.

The work wasn't too difficult since we have our own Master Gardener (Aspiring Division) here at home.

Making a last inspection

All done (for now)

Wait, how did my hands get dirty

The garden grew well. We had plenty of small tomatoes which were hand picked and hand eaten by the Master Gardener (Aspiring Division). A few even made it into the house. The herbs contributed to many dishes. A couple of eggplants even graced our table.

From our yard

By the end of the season, we felt a satisfaction unlike any other. We look forward to next year's crops.

The last of the edibles

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