Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Zombie Parent's Guide

Welcome to the guide that will inform and entertain you while it reviews zombie resources (books, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.) with the eyes of a parent and parenting resources (books, videos, podcasts, web sites, etc.) with the eyes of a zombie.

The blog is inspired by a scientific experiment happening in my home. My children are trying to turn me into a zombie! See details here. In case you were too lazy to go to the hyperlink, the key to zombification is sleep deprivation, a method more potent than any virus and more likely to get you than you might imagine. Even if you aren't a parent, you might still succumb. Think of how often you are caught enthralled past your bed time by the internet, cable television, or conversations with friends. In the words of Dr. Miles J. Bennell, "You're next, you're next...."

This blog is here to help. Not only will I review various writings and recordings on the subject of zombies and parenting; I'll also provide reports from the front lines as I resist the efforts of my darling children to reduce me to a shambling, obedient horror in need of brains, braaaiinnns, braaaiiinnnssss...

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