Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children Are Leveling Up!

Our little zombie overlords are showing some improvements lately.

Lucy has done two things. First, she has starting eating food on her own, including using utensils and her own fingers. She'll take a scoop of yogurt and more often than not get all of it in her mouth. She really loves rice.
Okay, so maybe everything doesn't make it inside her mouth.

Lucy's second improvement is in language and recognition. Last Sunday my sister Regina was visiting. When Lucy first saw her, she gave a big smile and said, "Gina!" which was exciting for everyone. She has even reliably repeated "Mommy" which is exciting for Mommy. Her vocabulary grows daily.

Jacob has advanced in his athletic abilities. It used to be that he'd need help climbing on playgrounds and some obstacles were not even considered. Lately he has taken to climbing all sorts of bendy ladders, chain ladders, rock walls and other assorted challenges. Here's one of the local spots where he is climbing more and more:
He hasn't tried the rock climbing on the right because it is no longer there!

Another breakthrough for Jacob was at the church playground. Usually, if other kids are around he isn't interested in playing on the equipment (this applies at Chick-fil-A too). But last Sunday after 9:30 Mass he joined in with at least a dozen other little Catholics. It made me happy.

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