Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turning the Tables

We had another fun time this morning at Jump!Zone (see our pictures here from Saturday's birthday party). For those who don't know, it's a giant room full of giant inflatable climbers that are super-fun for the two to twelve age range. Jacob loved it again and Lucy was raring to go too. They tried to pull the divide and conquer strategy on me, but luckily a playgroup mom was there to help with zone coverage. Jacob was pretty tired by the time we headed out. He told me, "I want to go home."

Naturally, we were planning to join the playgroup mom and her daughter for lunch at the local Panera Bread. Jacob took some convincing to go out to lunch. Lunch was a little frustrating. When we got to the counter, I gave Jacob a bunch of options (like mac and cheese or grilled cheese) but he chose a peanut butter sandwich. I guess I'll pack one next time instead of shelling out money for such a simple sandwich. I thought about forcing him to eat something else but decided the conflict wasn't worth it. We had a long wait for our food to come up. Eventually it did come and the children split the sandwich (Lucy had the yogurt that came with it). 

After eating, Jacob started looking sleepy. Then he started closing his eyes. Finally, he wound up like this:

Sleeping or a meditation technique, you decide!

A-ha! I thought, now the tables have turned and you will become the zombie, my little son. I had to carry him out to the car. As we drove up to Panera's front door, the mom brought out Lucy for the trip home. Jacob is a solid sleeper and he stayed out all the way home. I took Lucy upstairs and put her through her nap time routine while Jacob snoozed in his car seat.

When I came back to the garage, Jacob was waking up. So I put him through his nap time routine. This had the desired effect, or so I thought. After a call to mommy to relay the morning's events, I heard Jacob calling out. I went upstairs and he demanded that I cuddle with him. In fact, he did not want me to leave. I said I would go sleep in my bed. He countered saying he would come and sleep there too. That would defeat my purpose of actually going downstairs and getting things done, so I said we should stay in his room. Long story short, he never went back to sleep and I never escaped his nefarious cuddles. He turned the tables back on me!

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