Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whose Side Are You On?

Jacob's ashes hidden by his hair
Today is Ash Wednesday, a day for Catholics to abstain from eating meat and to fast. Fasting means having at most one full meal and two other smaller meals which would not equal the quantity of the full meal. Also, no snacking in between meals is allowed. The call to fasting applies to Catholics from 18 years of age to 59. So Jacob and Lucy are exempt and had their regular meals and snacks today.

For me it was no big deal until the morning snack. Jacob had a big blueberry muffin that he couldn't finish. He said, "Daddy, you finish my muffin." This sort of offer is pretty rare; I would have loved to take him up on it. But I couldn't because I was fasting. I politely said no. Jacob insisted. I tried explaining fasting. Jacob didn't seem to understand.

I had confirmation of his lack of understanding during his afternoon snack. He had some graham crackers with apple juice. Again, he didn't finish his crackers and offered me his leftovers. I was sorely tempted but I resisted. I tried explaining again. He kept insisting until he was distracted with the thought of drumming.

Just whose side is Jacob on, anyway? I hope you have fewer tempters in your house than I have in mine!

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