Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Zombie-Proof?

Maybe you've been wondering how to zombie-proof your house for the coming zombie apocalypse. You've read The Zombie Survival Guide and want to stockpile supplies and board up windows. It's a lot of work to do, and who knows how long those boards will last?

In stead of going the fixer-upper route, why not get a house that's built with the end of civilization in mind:

Nice contemporary look that changes to...

...something Superman would be jealous of!

Designed by KWK Promes, this house isn't just a concrete block, it's a fortress of solitude that doesn't require Kryptonian tech. This house is designed for maximum security.

No moat?!? Where will I keep my Greek fire?
My favorite feature is the upstairs entrance with a working drawbridge. What a great way to keep out the ravenous horde! Aside from the retractable concrete walls, of course.

Why aren't drawbridges more in fashion? We probably have a better chance of finding one in England when we go. Certainly they have a lot more inventory than you can find here in the States. Even if we don't get such a house, we'll sure to visit lots of homes, castles, etc., and give assessments of how zombie proof they are. This all makes me want to watch Army of Darkness again, the classic text on fighting medieval zombies.

Thanks to Happy Catholic for posting about this house!

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