Monday, March 5, 2012

Dress Up at Craven Museum, Skipton

On our recent visit to Skipton, we payed an all too brief visit to the Craven Museum & Gallery. Plenty of exhibits show what life was like through the centuries in Skipton and the surrounding area. The highlight (which we missed) is the Shakespeare First Folio, printed less than ten years after Shakespeare's death in 1618. We will definitely go back to see more of the museum when we have more time. The interactive exhibits occupied the children's attention for the ten or fifteen minutes we had to wander around.

Lucy's favorite interactive exhibit was the period costumes dress up area. What did it look like? Here you go:

Little Red Riding Cloak

Not big enough to be the lady of the manor yet

Not sure what to think of this outfit, what does it need?

A bonnet!

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