Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Supply and Team for the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are so popular, even Forbes magazine is reporting on them. They have a short article on their web site describing (and mocking) Costco's $4000 emergency food kit that will feed four people for one year. 

Yes, Costco will deliver a pallet of 378 #10 cans wrapped in black for the "security and privacy" of its customers. Items include grains, fruits and veg, protein, and some miscellaneous extras that have a shelf life going from a three years to twenty-five years. I'm just glad they include six cans of fudge brownies, though brownies from a can sound rather unappetizing. It reminds me of Thanksgiving Day cranberry sauce that retains the shape of the eight ounce can it plopped out from.

Speaking of mockery, perhaps you've seen this meme on social media:


Well, I just saw Ravi Fahsa (who I don't know but it popped up on my Google+ feed) posted his or her own team, "because superheroes are too mainstream":

That has got to be the worst shot of Predator ever as weapons expert!

After googling to find the first image, I discovered this meme has gone crazy. Check out the different teams here.

For my own team, I'd probably go with the first team but make a couple of modifications: Harrison Ford for the Team Leader; Jason Statham for the Brawler; Chuck Norris for the Weapons Expert (gotta keep Chuck!); John Watson for the Medic; Chewbacca for the mascot. For the Guy who dies first--any number of politicians could fit the bill.

Any other team suggestions?

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  1. I'm really excited zombies have gotten so popular. I love zombies so much I'm hosting my own Zombie Reading challenge this year. For my zombie apocalypse team I would probably have
    Leader: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson
    Brawler: Tyson from Percy Jackson series
    Weapons Expert: Four from Divergent
    Brains: Hermione and Annaberh
    Medic: Neal from the Protector of the Small series
    Speed fighter: Katniss
    Mascot: a griffin
    Guy who dies first: Draco Malfoy