Monday, April 21, 2014

Arriving at Malta

We took a late flight to Malta back in February 2014. Late for us being a 4:10 p.m. departure arriving at 8:45. With the time difference it was only 7:45 but still past the kids' bedtime. We picked up a rental car as fast as possible and then headed off to our nearby bed and breakfast, The Burrow (who can resist a hobbity name like that?) in Tarxien. It is located on an alleyway off of one of the main streets. We found the street just fine but the alleyway was challenging. The local language, Malti, is a mixture of many different languages, dominated by Arabic. After one call we turned the car around and went far enough down in the original direction to find the place.

Our B&B (the next day)

We had two rooms but the kids wanted to stay with mommy. I had the upstairs room to myself. The room was cozy but I was far too tired to stay up and read.

My room

View from the bed

Since my room was at the top, I had a large balcony from which I could appreciate the town in the morning.

Would make for an exciting chase scene

More of the town

My morning alarm

Breakfast was great. The kids had cereal while my wife and I enjoyed the typical continental items--fresh bread, cold cuts, cheese. I tried a jam made from locally-grown figs that was great.

We moved to a large hotel later that day, but not before wandering around town for a little bit. We saw a nice statue of the Archangel Gabriel and Mary.

Back of the statue

The front

The streets are narrow but the houses look like fun to live in.

Typical home with upstairs balcony and a niche for a statue

We also went to the Tarxien Temples, an ancient archeological site within walking distance. More on that in the next blog post!

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