Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Garage Sale May 2015

Our local community association put up some signs on a Thursday for garage sales in the neighborhood on Saturday. We were surprised since we hadn't heard anything about it. Having already listed a bunch of items on Craigslist with no response, we decided to put out items in the driveway to sell them second-hand the old fashioned way. L has wanted to have a lemonade stand for a long time, so we set that up too, even baking some muffins to sell with the drinks. Both items turned out well.

J mans the lemonade stand

We had some discussion over pricing. L wanted to sell lemonade for a dollar a cup, which both Mommy and Daddy agreed was too much. We settled on fifty cents for lemonade and a quarter for a cupcake. We planned to donate the earnings to the Nepal earthquake victims.

As we dragged out items to sell, J and L chose some of their stuff that they don't want anymore to add to the sale. L wanted to sell her art as well and was unhappy when we didn't let her.

Grumpy artist

We had a good number of cars drive by to look but we didn't have a lot of stuff out, so only two stopped. One man bought a lemonade and cupcake. One lady bought some items from the sale. Our box for money didn't have a lot at the end of the morning. L had mixed feelings about it.

Our haul

Feeling #1--pretty happy

Feeling #2--disappointed

We've sent off the money to the Red Cross for disaster relief. Happily, we have the Salvation Army coming to pick up the furniture that didn't sell on Craigslist so we'll add the other items on the truck that comes. This spontaneous garage sale turned out to be a good way to have some spring cleaning and decluttering that even the kids could buy into!

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