Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catharina Gasthuis, Gouda, The Netherlands

The Catharina Gasthuis was a hospice for the ill until 1910. It became an art museum shortly thereafter. Many works of art are housed outside as well as inside. We never went inside but did admire the outdoors works.

The most striking part is the back entrance over the canal. It's the Lazarus Gate from 1609. It was part of the local leper hospital but then moved here.

The Lazarus Gate of 1609

Detail of the gate (click to enlarge)

It's a nice representation of Jesus's parable of the rich man who had a feast while poor Lazarus suffered outside, being licked by dogs. Up above is the end of the story for Lazarus, being held by Father Abraham in the afterlife.

Back of the Lazarus Gate

We enjoyed the open-air part of the museum because the kids could run around without embarrassing us too much. We saw many fine sculptures.

A harp and the Gouda Coat of Arms in the back

Not sure what this is

Stone beehive

We liked the lions; the kids like the big pile of leaves

The walls by the back entrance have several striking decorations representing the three theological virtues. I'm not sure why the women had to be topless, there's no explanation. Maybe it's like the story of the mule who does whatever its owner tells it. He loans the mule to a friend who can't get it to do anything. The owner comes over to figure out what's wrong. The first thing the owner does hit the mule across the face with a two by four to get its attention. Then it does what it's told.



Love is fundamental!

Another wall decoration shows some nice swans.

Swan's town?

The children did settle down enough to pose with another wall decoration that was at their level.

J, L, and the Gouda Coat of Arms

As usual in Gouda, canals are nearby.

Exit for aquatic visitors

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