Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Bits of London

Here are some leftover bits of London that didn't make it into their own post.

London's oldest firehouse that's still running calls is the Euston Fire Station, established in 1902.

100+ year old fire house

We saw a random statue of John Bunyan, the famous writer, as we cruised along in the bus.

John Bunyan

The Bank of England has its own museum and a tube station!

Bank, Museum, and Train Station of England

The London Bridge station has a new, famous skyscraper behind it that has been nick-named The Shard.

The Shard towers over the old dungeon

We saw lots of different Arches in the city, all with their own stories. Wellington's Arch and the Marble Arch both commemorate British victories in the Napoleonic Wars.

Wellington's Arch

 Marble Arch

Queen Mother's Gate (into Hyde Park)

Side gate of Buckingham Palace

Up by Madame Tussaud's is a statue of Sherlock Holmes, since Baker Street is just around the corner. People were flocking to the Sherlock statue, mostly with papers in their hands. We assumed they were on some sort of scavenger hunt. The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street had a long line, so we didn't go.

Sherlock Holmes statue (people aren't bowing, they're writing)

Line to the Holmes Museum

Lots of other fun architecture is scattered throughout the city.


Fancy Fleet St. Facade

Faces on Fleet Street

Pegasus being fed or caught, not sure which

This is probably a famous building but I can't remember what it is!

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