Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National Media Museum, Bradford, England

The National Media Museum in Bradford was not my first choice of places to go. We heard they had a Doctor Who exhibit, which made us curious. We finally went in January. (The exhibit is done now, so don't try to go!).

After looking online, my expectations were a bit lowered. The exhibit was a collection of fan art and memorabilia, not props and items from the production of the show. Still, it was fun to see the wide variety of fan art. The variety was not only in skill, but in ambition and size.

Welcome to the exhibit

Tom Baker Doctor with K-9

Cyberman or Tin Man from Oz?

A variety of DIY Cyberman masks (or are they heads?)

Portraits of eleven of the Doctors

The memorabilia ran the range from masks and brik-a-brak to action figures and even a chess set!

Monster masks, nesting dolls, bobble-heads!

Action figures galore

DW Chess and various Tardis models

The children's favorite part of the exhibit was the life-size and near-life-size Daleks.

Posing by the Daleks

Oh no! What happened to J!!

The museum has some interesting permanent exhibits. One area is dedicated to television. It includes not only old TVs, but a working living room set and a green screen (which was actually blue) where we could pretend to do the weather or explore a typical town.

TVs through the years

A fake living room

L the cameragirl

L the weathergirl

J the weatherboy

Us in town

The museum has plenty of interactive exhibits, including a hall of mirrors and other reflective surfaces that showed how light can be bent to make things more interesting.

J at a display

Mirrors and cameras

Getting the upside-down treatment

The best interactive exhibit is the Games Lounge, which has samples from the history of arcade and console games. J and I played Pong. He tried out Williams Defender (a favorite from my youth). The exhibit had a whole row of different consoles from the early Atari and Nintendo up to modern platforms.

Games Lounge Entrance

J plays Defender

He and I play Pong

Another great thing about the museum is that it is free. Anyone can just walk in and enjoy the exhibit. They did have a Dalek at the front door collecting donations from anyone courageous enough to put a coin in him. L was just that courageous.

Daleks are less scary since they went Apple colored

Also the museum has a proper IMAX screen which I haven't been to yet, but hopefully before we leave I will get to see something there.

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