Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Openluchtmuseum, The Netherlands, Part II

After some exploring of the Open Air Museum in The Netherlands, we rode the museum's train to see the other side of the park. We got off near the Protestant Chapel, a simple and unassuming building.

Protestant Chapel

Just down the road is the Children's School from Lhee which, fortunately for J and L, was not in session.

Lhee School Building

Inside the school

Lunchtime was upon us, so we went to the Hanekamp Restaurant, whose specialty is pancakes. I had the farmer pancake, my wife the bacon and onion pancake. The cakes were large and thin and delicious.

Farmer Pancake

My wife's pancake came with an egg cooked into the middle!

After lunch, we went to the children's playground where J and L had a lot of fun on the variety of equipment. We had a challenge getting the zip line to work well. Later we found out that it was better to start from the other side.

Approaching the playground

L's done with that thing

L makes a phone call while J goes down the rope bridge

On the zip line

A muddy sand digger

We walked over to the tram depot, which wasn't so remarkable. Nearby was a more interesting spot, a forge from Loerbeek.

Tram depot

More of the tram depot

The forge with a guy working

Our next stop was the Weaver's House, a small building that had separate storage, making good use of all the roof.

Weaver's House

Inside the house

A dry storage spot under the roof

Our next post will visit Zaan Square, a small village square with plenty of shops around!

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