Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square in London is a famous spot thanks to Nelson's Column and the National Gallery, both of which we visited.

We walked through the Gallery, ostensibly to find a bathroom for the children while we secretly tricked them into seeing great works of art. We didn't stay very long but I was able to see the Raphael Pope Julius II painting which I've seen so many times in other areas. We came out of the Gallery onto the Square proper with a magnificent view of Nelson's Column.

Trafalgar Square seen from the National Gallery

We went into the square and enjoyed seeing all the people and the fantastic statues. Lots of people were climbing on the lions underneath Nelson, so J and L got into the act.

People lion around

Boosting J

Us and the lion

The base of Nelson's column has some nice bas relief.

Napoleonic shenanigans

Also in the square was another pedestal with a giant blue cock on it.

Insert Watchmen gag here

A more interesting and historically significant statue is this one of Sir Henry Havelock who served in India in the 1850s.

Havelock Statue

The fountains were also interesting to the kids.

Why no statue here?

We left the square through another arch.

Good Trafalgar!

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