Monday, April 28, 2014

Ferry to Gozo from Malta

We took a ferry from Malta to Gozo (the second largest island in the Malta archipelago). The trip is pretty short (less than half an hour) and not too expensive--they only charge for the return from Gozo back to Malta. The ferry runs pretty regularly and efficiently. Our arrival at the dock was perfectly timed. We drove straight onto the boat. A quick walk up two flights of stairs led us to the cafe and the outside decks for a last view of Malta.


Out to sea

The ferry goes past the third island of the Malta chain, Comino, which has almost no population and no cars. According to the guide book, there's only one north-south road on the island.


After a cuppa tea and some chatting, we were soon arriving at the port of Mgarr on Gozo.

First view of Gozo

The town blends in well

The Mediterranean water is amazingly blue.

Awesome waters

On the way back, we weren't so lucky, having to wait half an hour at the dock for the boat to arrive. As the boat docked, the back end of it lifted up to reveal the car decks inside. It was almost like the trunk of a car opening.

Ferry boat or Transformer?

The ride back was uneventful.

Can't get enough blue water!

More from Gozo this week!

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