Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ta'Kola Windmill, Gozo, Malta

The Ta'Kola Windmill was built in 1725 and is currently under restoration, so we didn't recognize it immediately. Normally the sails are up if not turning. Since we visited in the winter of 2014, it was a good time to do some restoration work. Hopefully it will be back to its full appearance by the time you read this.

Ta'Kola Windmill being restored

The interior still has the forge and tools used by the caretaker as well as living quarters upstairs for his family.

The last mill worker, Guzeppi Grech, who left in 1987


Maintaining a windmill requires a variety of skills like carpentry, smithing, and stone dressing. The mill's forge was used to build the tools needed. It also provided alternate work (like sharpening metal tools or making horseshoes) for the miller when the wind was either too fast or too slow to do milling.

J at the forge

Coal for the forge

Locks made at the mill

In the back are some store rooms with displays on local agriculture and some of the weighing equipment used at the mill.

Scales and weights

Upstairs is the living quarters. The first room is the dining room with typical furniture.

Dining/living room

The miller's dishes

Next to the dining room is the kitchen with the usual assortment of pots and pans and daily use items.


Just beyond the kitchen is a small bedroom that was also used for weaving.

The loom

A simple bed

The main bedroom is behind, with a larger bed and a small hammock that would have been for the baby.

Master bedroom

Dresser with devotional items

Further upstairs is the milling equipment, which was not on display due to the restoration.

The mill was a fun visit for the kids and the adults. The admission for this includes entry into the Ggantija Temples, which are a short walk away.

A millstone left outside

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