Tuesday, April 8, 2014

York Castle Museum, England--Part II

One side of the York Castle Museum deals with the every day life of Yorkshire lads and lasses through the centuries. But the other side commemorates morally questionable people and generally groovy times. I write of the Debtors' Prison exhibit and the 1960s exhibit. They also have a nice mill outside.

The central part of the museum was used as a Debtors' Prison and displays show the tools of law enforcement.

A variety of restraints

A prison cell

An illegal weapon seized by the authorities!

Many of the cells are still extant and are haunted. Or perhaps its just some sort of high-tech display that shows re-enactors dressed as typical criminals who describe their crimes and their treatment in the prison. It was still spooky.

A female prisoner/ghost/projection

A male prisoner/ghost/projection

Outside is a pillory that J and L enjoyed because they were only in it for a moment and no one was pelting them with rotten fruit and veg.

Welcome to the outside...not so sinister, or is it?

Js unhappy f'ate

L really doesn't fit

Back inside is a hall dedicated to the 1960s, an era of great change in England and the world. The exhibit included information on the Beatles, women's liberation, Vespas, and space missions. The children were only interested in the space missions.

L in the launch

J's turn

Two in one!

A token representation of the other exhibits

We went back outside where a small mill has been set up.

Walking to the mill

J ready to go inside

The mill wasn't very big but had plenty of information about the life of millers. The kids were more interesting in being silly than in learning at this point.

The mill's gear

The mill's gears

Silly kids ready for a photo

One more silly photo

The mill exit was on the other side of the building so we saw the wheel turning before exiting the museum.

A top-fed wheel!

Heading back to the castle wall and museum

York Castle Museum has lots of fun exhibits for young and old and is definitely worth the visit. The ticket included a year's admission, so we could go back; also, it includes admission to the Yorkshire Museum on the other side of town, which we've already visited here.

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