Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, Museum Edition

The Yorkshire Museum and Gardens is home to a nice museum of artifacts mostly related to the city of York. We visited recently on another excursion to see more of York.

The first thing we saw in the museum was the toilets. Jacob's perennial favorite is still a requirement wherever we go. After that, we visited the Roman York exhibit, featuring the remains of a Roman wall.

Jacob crosses the wall

Lucy too close to the wall's decorations

They also displayed one of the mosaic floors that was found in York.

Jacob thought it was a maze

We also saw a life-size statue of Mars, god of war, dating from the Roman days (first to fourth century AD) and the most complete statue from that period found in Britain.

Jacob looks up to Mars

We also saw a bust of Constantine, first Christian emperor of the Roman empire.

Jacob leaves a note for the next visitor

Another part of the exhibit involved interactivity, mostly around the layout of the city or designing buildings.

Jacob examines the Roman plan for the city and how it relates to the current layout

Lucy tried to recreate classical structures from a pile of blocks

They had some other walls from the Roman baths, which I found a little surprising.

Who says bikinis were invented in the 20th century?

We didn't get to see much of the Medieval York exhibit, though we did view the York Helmet (also known as the Coppergate Helmet). It was discovered in 1982 during construction of a new shopping area. The helmet dates back to the late 700s and is in amazing shape for such an old find that was almost bulldozed.

Jacob loves weaponry!

We wandered through the Extinct exhibit, which had a Moa's skeleton.

Mighty Moa, now no longa!

The moa (dinorus robustus) was a New Zealand flightless bird that disappeared over 500 years ago. This skeleton is one of the most complete in any museum and is a highlight of visiting the museum.

After this, we went back outside into the glorious sunshine to visit the gardens part of the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, which you will see in the next post!

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