Monday, May 28, 2012

No Nukes IS Good Nukes

In case you missed it, there's a new type of home that's ready to help you survive a zombie apocalypse. But not only you, also 69 of your closest friends! As long as you can all pay $2 million a piece and are willing to move to Kansas. Where is this great deal? Inside a nuclear missile silo! Check out these amenities:
Survival Condo will have enough supplies of site-grown food and purified well and rain water to house 70 people in lockdown for years. Just so they won't go insane, the silo would also have facilities like a spa, movie theater, classrooms, a bar, and a pool.
The swank residential spaces, meanwhile, would feature Jacuzzis, large HDTV panels simulating windows, and deluxe appliances.
Read the rest of the article here. The condo has a web site where they list the criteria they have for potential residents:
We are not looking for stereotypical "survival nuts" portrayed in movies, but rather like-minded individuals with the desire to provide care and protection for their family. We seek people with the financial resources, interest, education, experience, and desire to participate in the shared tasks of survival under difficult circumstances. We want people with good values and we will screen applicants for criminal backgrounds.
In case you didn't click through either link, this particular silo is sold out already, so you will have to contact the developer and find another similar sized silo somewhere else to set up in. We're saving our pennies and pence right now. We'll need somewhere to live once we move back to America!

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