Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Level Up for Lucy

One of the great things about raising children is seeing them develop new skills and abilities. I remember the first time that Jacob saw a manual for one of his toys and said, "Hey, that picture [on the manual] is my toy!" He was able to connect a picture of the toy with the toy itself. Such an observation isn't very clever for an adult, but to see a child make such a connection for the first time is pretty amazing.

Today, Lucy and I were out running errands. We went to the bakery to get some treats, since the store is nestled among all the other shops we were going to. She chose a cupcake with a small British flag stuck in the top. I chose a flapjack two-pack (Jacob will get to eat the other one soon enough). We continued on our errands planning to eat our snacks back at home.

At the kitchen table, the local newspaper was out and had a bunch of ads, including ones for a Jubilee celebration. Lucy said, "Hey, it's the same flag!" when she saw this ad:

Cupcake flag and ad flag brought together

I was pretty proud of her for making the connection. The light of recognition in her eyes is delightful to see.

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