Friday, April 4, 2014

Writing Exercise: Who's Calling, Please?

We took another prompt from The Five Minute Writer by Margaret Geraghty. This one is "Who's Calling, Please?" and focuses on writing dialogue. Out of many different options available, I chose the prompt "The phone rings and it's a voice from the past. Who is calling and why? Write in dialogue." Here's my dialogue.
"Hello, this is James."
"Haha! I get you didn't expect to hear from me again!"
"No, I didn''s been a long time..."
"Not so long, or have you been too busy?"
"No, it's just...been a long day. And hardly anybody calls the home number any more."
"Yeah, I ran across your number while I was cleaning up the kitchen. You got filed in the recipe box instead of the address book."
"That can happen, I what's up?"
"Things are quiet here, plenty of time on my hands. I was going to make our favorite dinner and saw your number, and couldn't resist calling."
"Ah, Scarlett, yeah, you always did make a great lasagna."
"Wait, you didn't know who it was..."
"It took a second to click in, but I'm here..."
"I can't believe you didn't recognize me after all our time together."
"We were together for a while, but it's been a while too."
"Not so long that you'd forget."
"Did you want to forget? Is that why you haven't called in over a month? I mean, I lost your number, but surely you didn't lose mine?"
"No, no, it's just things changed between us. I thought you didn't want me around any more."
"But why would I call now? It was just a little fight, over such a small thing."
"You seemed pretty serious about it. And maybe you were right, it was a bad choice for a Valentine's dinner."
"It was a bad choice for me. You know how I get seasick, so a dinner cruise was not a good surprise for the most romantic night of the year."
"Hmmm...yeah...I'm sorry about that."
"Finally. I forgive you; do you want to come over for some lasagna?"

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