Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wall Walking in York

A long time ago in a city not too far away, L and I went to York to do some exploring. The main thing we did was walk on the old medieval wall of the city, which is a fun way to explore the city.

We ascended the wall at Monk Gate, a medieval gate that still has a working portcullis and several rooms inside. One room was the old Richard III Museum. We did not go in, though I did visit it later.

Monk Gate, York

L climbs the stairs

L turns for a smile

Monk Gate viewed from the wall

This section of the wall curves around the Minster, providing views of the Treasurer's House and some backyards too!

Treasurer's House is the one with the tall windows, the Minster is behind it

The Minster and some back yards

L in one of the turrets

We continued along the wall until we saw a sign for a restaurant!

L wall-walker

Closest thing to a billboard along the wall

L with the restaurant behind her

We decided to come down at the next gate, Bootham Gate. This gate also has a portcullis that looks like it's in working order.

Putting the gate in Bootham Gate!

View from inside of town

View from outside of town (on a different, rainy day)

We wandered around the streets a bit, discovering an old church and a bird about to take off!

St. Sampson's Church

Look out, he's going to fly!

Next up, the old Richard III Museum!

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