Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hardwick Hall Grounds, England

We enjoyed exploring the grounds of Hardwick Hall and were able to get some more of those 50 Things to Do Before You're 11 3/4 goals done. We visited the house (see yesterday's post) and were able to see much of the estate as well.

Hardwick Hall

The first goal was right by the house. Goal #4 is build a den. Plenty of sticks (and previously made dens) were by the garden wall. We tried our hand right away at this.

J gathers some sticks

Early stages of construction

We need more, MORE!

J and L enjoy their den

After touring the house we drove down to the Great Pond and the Miller's Pond. The view back to the house up on the hill was quite nice.

View from the lakes

The trees there were perfect for #1 on the 50 Things list--Climb a tree.

L and J start at a low spot

J continues his ascent

Happily perched in the tree

An obstacle course was set up by the National Trust folks since a lot of kids were walking along the edges of the parking lots. J did the course forwards and backwards! The only bad thing about it is that completing it is not one of the 50 Things.

Balancing carefully

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