Saturday, May 3, 2014

Xaghra Playground, Gozo, Malta

The top attraction in Xaghra for the kids was not the windmill or the ancient temples or lunch. It was the playground. This particular playground has a ton of space between the equipment, though it isn't clear why. It doesn't seem like it would get overcrowded.

Most spacious playground ever

L spent a good deal of time on her favorite, the swings. Here's her classic pose:

L at her peak

J stuck to regular equipment as well. He checked the slide to see whether it was too hot or not. Luckily our trip was in February so it wasn't too hot.

Hoping the shade would protect him

Ready to launch

He also climbed over every climber he could find. Sadly, this climber was not in the best shape but J made the best of it.

J on his way up

Nearing the top

A happy boy

The playground did not have any unusual equipment, though nearby was a mysterious spot. I think it is a shuffleboard area with seating for fans (apparently not many) and a framework for shade-enducing canopies.

Mysterious structure


  1. Lol! The 'mysterious' structure is for a sport played by adults, mostly men, called Bocci. It is usually played in the evenings.