Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mdina Cathedral, Malta

The original 13th century cathedral in Mdina was destroyed by an earthquake in 1693. A new church was built rather quickly (in ten years) by Lorenzo Gafa, an architect who had already designed many churches on the island. This one is his masterpiece.

Mdina Cathedral, Malta

The cathedral museum across the street

The interior is amazing (though not quite as splendid as the co-cathedral in Valletta). The many paintings illustrate scenes from the life of St. Paul, who is patron of the island.


Scenes from Paul's life (click to enlarge)

Over the main altar

Over the west door

The sanctuary is an impressive blend of marble, paintings, and sculptures.

Main altar

The dome was masterfully constructed though only painted in 1955. Happily the painting style matches the rest of the church.


The floor is adorned with marble funerary slabs which are quite exquisite.

A bishop's slab

A somewhat grimmer slab

Another bishop

The baptismal font dates back to 1495. It survived the earthquake!

Baptismal font

The side altars in Mdina Cathedral are also well decorated.

Annunciation altar

Crucifix chapel

A side door has an interesting lintel with Saints Peter and Paul on it.

Paul and Peter

Angel with a scroll

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