Monday, May 12, 2014

Mdina Playground, Malta

Between Mdina and Rabat is a small park which includes a playground. After dragging J and L through a church and some museums, we let them have a turn for fun.

Inspecting the playground

J spent a bit of time practicing his climbing skills and especially his "hanging on" skills. He grabbed on to one climber and held himself off the ground for sixty seconds. We were quite proud of him.

J hangs by a thread

J hangs overhead

L tried out the smaller slide (she was a little afraid of the taller one) and several of the riding animals.

L on the slide

L rides the sheep

L  rides the horse (she also rode the chick, but I didn't get a picture)

Another family was there with their son who seemed to be a few years older than J. The mom was enthusiastically taking pictures of her son climbing on the blue and yellow climber, so J had me come over and take more pictures of him on the same equipment!

J at the top of his game

Climbing across the top

J decided to try the taller slide and, in an effort to show off, went down on his tummy rather than the traditional way. While he couldn't see where he was going (which made it more challenging) he clearly went down slower than normal (which made it less perilous).

J tummy-slider

L decided she was brave enough to climb and go down the taller slide. She was not brave enough to go on her tummy though. She enjoyed it more the regular way.

L bottom-slider

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